First North East Renewable Energy & Electric Vehicle Expo Concludes in Guwahati 2024

Guwahati witnesses a three-day extravaganza as NEREV-2024 draws over 3000 attendees and showcases the future of sustainable technology

GUWAHATI: Sarusajai Stadium in Guwahati became a hub for sustainable innovation as the Ministry of Commerce and Industry on Wednesday successfully concluded the first North East Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicle Vehicle Expo (NEREV)-2024, setting a new benchmark established for renewable energy and electric vehicle systems. Attracting more than 3,000 attendees, NEREV-2024 highlighted the growing interest and interest in sustainable technologies in the Northeast.

The groundbreaking three-day event allowed participants to delve into the world of electric vehicles, providing a unique opportunity to test drive the latest models and see the incredible technologies at work real The highlight of the Expo was the technical sessions and workshops that focused specifically on solar technology.

Prospective entrepreneurs and students benefited greatly from these sessions, gaining valuable insights into the growing renewable energy sector. Famous brands like Mercedes and Audi made a special appearance on the stage, attracting a diverse audience with a showcase of innovative electric vehicles.

NEREV-2024 received crucial support from key ministries, including the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, Ministry of MSME, Ministry of DONER, and Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. Over 70 prominent companies from across India actively participated, emphasizing the collaborative effort towards sustainable technology.

Eventage Trade Fair & Events Pvt Ltd in partnership with FINER played a key role in bringing together industry leaders, innovators and enthusiasts under one roof Not only did the expo provide a way to not only exchange ideas and innovations but also facilitated collaboration and dialogue aimed at creating sustainable technologies in the future in the Northeast.

The successful completion of NEREV-2024 not only signifies success for the region but also creates an all-India platform for the development of renewable energy and electric vehicles. As the curtain closes on this landmark occasion , the echoes of collaboration and innovation will undoubtedly resonate, spurring the Northeast towards a greener and more sustainable future.


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