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NIKI On The Drive Home Lyrics – sung by NIKI “Nicole” Album. While the Lyrics of this new song were penned by NIKI and Produced by Jacob Ray, NIKI. The Song was Released on 12 August 2022.

On The Drive Home Lyrics - NIKIOn The Drive Home Lyrics

Love, keep your eyes on the road
‘Cause when I stare all I see
Is two foggy windows to a lost soul
And maybe, maybe it’s all my fault
That it’s so quiet on the drive home
Babe, can I build my home in your mind?
A disheveled maze, constellated and intertwined
But somehow, my favorite kind
And my favorite view
When it untangles in the moonlight
Darlin’, we’re getting older
In less than 8 months
You’ll wash tear stains off of your shoulder
And drenched in alcohol and conceit
The cold-bloodеd bodies quick on their feet
Will tell you how to еarn your stripes
And you’ll be listening while
I sit here with glistening eyes
As the stripes on my back chip and dry
You won’t be listening to my cries
Ooh-Oh! Ooh!
Ooh-Oh! Ooh!
And we’ll be 2 pieces of driftwood
Floating in a sea of missed calls and excuses
And your home will change into four walls and a mini fridge
Instead of 4 limbs and lips to kiss
But for now, the night is young
And you are here and Snow Patrol just came on the radio
So, darling, let’s take
Darling, let’s take the long way home
Ooh-Oh! Ooh!
Ooh-Oh! Ooh!
Ooh-Oh! Ooh!
Love, keep your eyes on the road
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